dnd 5e – how much HP does a mountain range have?

And I don’t mean a mountain, I mean a mountain RANGE. specifically this one


technically a crater, but close enough. Basically I’m homebrewing a dwarven spelljammer space station. I’m wanting to know the amount of hp this thing would have, if it was lifted into the air. Not only am I including the mountain range part of it, but I’m also wanting a half-circle of the ground below to be factored in as well. So going from the edges of the mountain to a curving downward into a big half-circle, with a 2.5 mile radius

Kyondor Massif is about 5 miles in diameter as well. We’re also assuming this is a perfect circle for simplicities sake.

The reason why I’m asking this, is because in spelljammer objects have a bubble of oxygen around it. The amount of air is equal to its keel length x beam length / 2 + its HP (KxB/2+HP). It’s meant for spaceships, but I’m sure a mountain range would fit. I don’t know what the HP of a mountain range would be, so I’m asking here.

If you need any more info about this, please ask and I’ll clarify.