dnd 5e – How to determine which works by DMsGuild adepts are legal for Adventurers League?

I was just wondering if there was a list on the wizards site or something that showed which DMsGuild adepts works are AL legal? Or are they all AL legal? I could only find this list, but it’s old and small.

Looking at other DMsGuild Adepts works, it doesn’t seem they are all AL legal, but maybe I’m wrong?

Is there any more rigourous testing for DSguild Adepts AL-legal works, than non DMGA AL-legal works such as, for example, The Border Kingdoms supplement? ? (I assume all AL-Legal works have some testing right?)

I’m running Tomb of Annihilation, and was thinking of adding some bonus content. I thought that DMsGA works becoming AL legal would mean that they had been playtested, and declared “official”, so I could rely on their quality, but maybe not?

I don’t know… but a complete list of DMsGuild Adepts works that are AL legal would be great, if WotC has made one, thanks!