dnd 5e – How would a lv 20 Moon druid defeat a Forcecage?

How would a lv 20 Moon druid get out of a Forcecage?

Some options I’ve considered are:

Repeated teleportation attempts

There don’t appear to be any teleportation spells that would work from inside a Forcecage on the Druid spell list. The one that comes closest is Plane Shift, which can’t send me to the plane I’m on so that’s not good enough. Plus it’s 7th level, so only somewhat “repeatable”. Things like Tree Stride or Transport via Plants obviously won’t work.

I’ve found only one magic item that might help, the Helm of Teleportation. Which has 3 charges. That should be good enough to get out of the first Cage, but maybe not out of the second one. Besides, does it count as metal armor?

Perhaps there’s a Feat that can give me access to Misty Step? Would only be useful if I can cast it using spell slots.

Antimagic field or Disintegrate

Again, not on the Druid spell list. Any chance of getting access to this 8th level spell?