dnd 5e – I feel like my DMing skills are making the game less enjoyable

“You miss” is fine.

Save your detail for where you need, start with just describing monsters and areas, but you don’t need to describe everything. You don’t need to describe every room in a dungeon, in detail if they are all similar gray stone, this looks like a kitchen may be fine, let the players ask for more if they need it. Conserve your descriptions until you reach a point you can comfortably add more. If you feel the need to describe combat describe just the criticals, or get your player to describe their end of combat, I just tell my players the monsters AC most of the time, so they can describe their hits and misses. It gets them involved more and tends to encourage more story collaboration over all. Your players can describe their own actions for the most part. It also gives you a break and as a bonus speeds up combat.

Props. Find pictures, a picture of a reed canoe saves a long description. Don’t be afraid to write out descriptions beforehand, I do that all the time so I am not racking my brain to think ones up on the spot.

To use a workout phrase, “don’t worry about what I’m doing worry about what your doing.” Comparing yourself to another DM directly is always iffy, different players, different styles, different lives. For all you know the other dm’s players may be bored. to put it another way.

Wanting to be better is healthy it leads to growth and improvement.

Worrying you are not good enough, just leads to a downward spiral, becasue a good DM is never as good as they want to be.

Fatigue is a thing, I know my descriptions are far worse if I have worked all day before a session then if I had the day off, and I have talked about it with my players and the schedule wins, and that is OK, we are all still having fun.