dnd 5e – Is this second version of my “Fehl-her” homebrew race balanced?

This is a follow up to my previous homebrew question, in which the answers explained that, overall, my race was underpowered, prone to overspecialization and fairly contradictory in certain aspects (being essentially an underpowered version of the lizardfolk race in some ways, according to one of the answers).

While I still didn’t have the chance to play-test it just yet due to not really having a party to play with at the moment (certain matters regarding time availability and other problems) and not knowing how to look for one on the internet just yet, I’ve made sure to take a better look at other questions of homebrew-review in this SE as well as some other homebrewed race examples in order to try to better understand the do’s and don’t’s of a properly balanced race. I still made sure to try to stick with the detect balance scale though.

As a result of the feedback on my last question, the main changes were:

  • Changed the ability score increase to match the theme of a more agile yet durable race.

  • Swapped 60 ft of Darkvision for 30 ft of Tremorsense as per the recommendations in my last question.

  • Some tinkering on the raptorial appendages based on the feedback found in this question.

  • Ditched the bite attack, since it didn’t really add any meaningful flavor and served more as a pointless trait than as a helpful one.

  • Dropped the charisma penalty to conform to the 5e idea of not giving penalties as a means of balancing a race.

  • Did some rewording in certain areas.

The last real change was my attempt at adding a completely homebrewed trait which reflected their nature as stealthy predators and which I tried to keep in line with 5e’s design regarding resource management. However, I’m still uncertain about its effective balance score, since I didn’t really find anything similar to it in the official races (and results in some worries that I might’ve unknowingly made a game breaking trait, which is also why I tried toning it down by making it rely on strength to be used to its fullest rather than dexterity, as well as to give an eventual player that still tries to invest in strength something to use).

With these changes made, is this second version of my Fehl-her race balanced enough when compared to other official races?

(Fehl-her Traits):

Ability score increase: Your dexterity score increases by 2 and your constitution score increases by 1. (+12)

Age: the Fehl-her reach maturity at 5 years old and live up to a maximum of 100 years.

Alignment: the Fehl-her strongly defend the importance of order as the most important thing to ensure proper functioning of their group, being usually lawful.

Size: a Fehl-her grows no larger than 7 feet tall, averaging at 6 feet, weighting between 160 and 180 pounds. Your size is medium. (0)

Speed: you have a walking speed of 30 feet and a climbing speed equal to your walking speed. (+2)

Languages: you can speak, read and write in Common, as well as speak in Fehl-her. (0)

Tremorsense: The dark corridors of the colony require more than just sight to be transversed. You can detect and pinpoint the origin of vibrations within a 30 foot radius, provided that you and the source of the vibrations are in contact with the same ground or substance. You can’t use it to detect flying or incorporeal creatures. (+3*)

Built-in armor: your tough exoskeleton makes you hard to harm. Your AC is 13+ dexterity. (+3)

Ambush predator: the ability to camouflage and your sharp senses make you great at finding what’s hidden while remaining undetected. You have proficiency in the stealth and perception skills. (+4)

Raptorial appendages: each of your forelimbs has a mantis-like bladed appendage, which you’re proficient with and can use as finesse weapons so long as both of your hands are free. Your Blades deal 2d6 piercing or slashing damage. This is not an unarmed strike for the purposes of monk attacks. (+6)

Live feeding: No meat is fresher than the meat of the living. Upon a successful attack with your bladed appendages while hidden, you can make a grapple attempt on your opponent as a bonus action. If you succeed, for every turn the enemy stays grappled with more than 0 hit points, at the end of their turn, they suffer damage equal to 1d4, while you receive 2hp. Once you have used this trait, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest. (+?)

Restless sentinel: You do not require deep sleep to survive. During a long rest, you can recover your energy by remaining motionless for a period of at least 6 hours. If you’re not wearing armor, you can blend into a natural background, allowing you to hide without any cover or concealment, and if spotted you appear inert. You remain fully aware of your surroundings while in this state. (+3)

Balance score result: 33 + ?

(no synergy calculations were considered in this final point cost)

(*the cost of tremorsense was based on the scores for 30ft of blidsight with blindness beyond and for darkvision with 60 and 120 feet of range)

Addendum, this can be completely ignored if you so wish:

Another problem I seem to have here, at least up until last question, is that my race apparently was (and potentially still is) very similar to the lizardfolk, probably as a result of them being a great example of an official animal-themed race with natural weapons which I based myself quite a bit on at first to make my race of humanoid mantis-like social giant insects. While it is not necessary to address this part at all since this question is about the mechanical balancing of the race first and foremost, the inclusion of some advice with how to better “balance” out the so-called “flavor” of this race’s traits as to help differentiating it from other official sources and make them more interesting outside of the description texts about their society, religion and culture within an answer would be greatly appreciated.