dnd 5e – Seeking player-oriented summary of Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Much like in this question, my players have just finished Curse of Strahd and are about to embark on Rise of Tiamat.

Rise is the second part of a two-part series, and allows that the players may not have played through Hoard of the Dragon Queen first.

In “Starting the Adventure”, we read

If you didn’t play Hoard of the Dragon Queen, a separate group of heroes assaulted Skyreach Castle and bravely gave their lives to crash the fortress. The characters are then invited to the council simply because of their reputation as powerful adventurers, and because the council expects to need their services.

And in “Follow-Up: Hoard of the Dragon Queen” we read

Once introductions are made, Dagult Neverember summarizes the situation if the adventurers did not play through Hoard of the Dragon Queen. This includes the plan to summon Tiamat, increased dragon raids led by the cult, the treasure collection system, the crash or capture of Skyreach Castle, and the importance of the wyrmspeakers and dragon masks to the cult.

While I could read all of HotDQ and prepare that summary for my players, it would be great if someone else had already done that work for me. Google-searching finds a lot of reviews of the adventure, but what I am really after is not a “how good is this module” review (most of them), or even a “this is what actually happens in HotDQ / summary for DMs”. Rather, I would get the most utility out of a player-facing summary, a “this is what your characters might have learned if they had played through the adventure.”

If anyone knows of such a link I would greatly appreciate it.

If anyone is actually interested a writing such a summary for me (gosh, thanks!) as an answer to this question, it would be even better to have it from the perspective of the Lord’s Alliance (specifically Dwarven Ambassador Connerad Brawnanvil), the Order of the Gauntlet (and/or Sir Isteval), and the Harpers, since these are the factions I believe my players will gravitate toward.

My players are more interested in combat challenges than NPC interaction, so I doubt I will be giving them much of this in the voice of the Council Members. Rather it will likely be a summary narration, “Over the course of a long afternoon’s meeting, you learn that…”