dnd 5e – Should opening doors be Strength or Strength (Athletics)

As I read the description of the Strength ability and the Athletics skill, it seems that brute force checks, such as pushing/shoving/kicking or pulling open a stuck, heavy or locked door should be a simple Strength check, with the Athletics skill applying only to things that involve more coordination such as jumping, climbing, or swimming.

However, in the published Dungeons & Dragons adventures, examples are inconsistent. Other than the Starter Set, where all door checks are just Strength and all Athletics checks involve climbing or other more complicated activity, other supplements seem to contain a mix of Strength or Strength (Athletics) to force open doors, seemingly at random within the same adventure.

What should be the standard check to force open a door, gate, portcullis, etc.? When should Athletics skill apply, if ever?

(The same question & inconsistency applies to clearing rubble).