dnd 5e – What counts as “wearing and carrying” for the Robe of Stars?

One of my Players has the Robe of Stars and my question is now can he, for example, put a rabbit in his bag and take it with him to the Astral Plane, because he carries it in his bag? I would think not but I am not sure. The wording is:

While you wear the robe, you can use an action to enter the Astral Plane along with everything you are wearing and carrying.

The “everything you are wearing and carrying” is confusing and doesn’t realy make it clear if it just means objects, or creatures as well.

And if he could take creatures with him, could he grapple someone and also take that creature with him because he is technically carrying/grappling this creature? For example a goliath grapples a goblin then activates the Robe. Would the goblin teleport with him?