dnd 5e – What is the longest distance a 13th level monk can jump while attacking in the same turn?

During the last session in a game I was GM, the group of monk NPCs was attacked by the trees. In the heat of the moment, the person who played a warlock and was targeted by the monks (he flew in mid-air) convinced me that the jump distance is only 10 feet when doubled. At the moment it made no sense for me as a monk to move 50 feet, but not to jump more than 10 feet. But the party was already having a hard time and I did not want to slow down the fight, so I decided to go to the party.

After the session, I will now examine the basic rules:

Long jump. If you make a long jump, They cover a series of feet up to their strength value If you walk at least 10 feet before jumping. If you do a long jump while standing, you can jump only half that distance. In any case, every foot you skip when jumping costs a foot of movement.

This rule assumes that the height of your jump does not matter; B. a jump over a river or a precipice. After choosing your DM, you must perform a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check to overcome a low obstacle (no more than a quarter of the jump distance), such as a hedge or a low wall. Otherwise you have hit it.

If you land in difficult terrain, you must perform a DC 10 skill (Acrobatics) to land on your feet. Otherwise, you end up vulnerable.


Please take the following information into account when answering this question.

The monk:

  • has 50 feet of movement (base)
  • has a strength of 16
  • can run the required 10 feet
  • takes step of the wind as a bonus action
  • saves the action for the attack

Step of the wind You can spend 1 ki point to use the "Deactivate" or "Blow" action as a bonus action in your turn and as a Jump distance is doubled for the turn

What is the longest distance the monk can jump in this frame?