dnd 5e – Would the spell "Purify Eating and Drinking" remove physical dangers like bone splinters from otherwise normal food?

In a game session, our characters sat down to a meal provided by the feed wagon. Knowing they were being hunted down and persecuted, the party's clerics (a dwarf, what's worth) threw Purify Food and Drink on their meal. They were getting ready when an NPC approached and told them not to eat. The said NPC went on to fish or filter (I can not remember which ones now) several sharp bones that (we had been informed) would have been quite detrimental to our health.

The DM decided that the bone is not poisonous because the bone is not poisonous.

I say, RAW, even by the definition of "cleanse" would remove any harmful substance.

I researched the site and found a similar question in: What is the cleaning power of Purify Food and Drink ?, but it did not exactly Talk to the question. Our DM has asked me to post the question here and obtain uninterested third-party opinions.

Information that I considered relevant:

Clean food and drink

DURATION Immediate SCHOOL Transmutation ATTACK / SAVE No DAMAGE / EFFECT Utility
All non-magical food and drinks are in a ball of 5 feet
at a point of your choice, the area is cleaned and vacated
of poison and disease.

cleaned & free from poison and disease.

purified dictionary result for purified / pyo͝orəˌfīd / adjective
1. have removed impurities; cleaned. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/purified verb (used with the object),
pu ri f ied ied ,,,,,,

  1. purify everything that is discouraged, polluted, falsified or contaminated: to purify metals.
  2. free from foreign, foreign or disturbing elements

https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/purify clean verb
pu ri fy | Pyu̇r-ə-ˌfī purified; definition of
clean transitive Verbe

: clean: how to remove a: of material pollution or
Imperfection PURE pure adjective pyu̇r purer; purest
Definition of pure 1a (1): not mixed with another substance // pure
Gold (2): free from dust, dirt or dirt // pure spring water
Clean https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/purify verb
[ T ] UK /pjʊə.rɪ.faɪ/ US /pjʊr.ə.faɪ/ purify verb [ T ] (NOT
MIXED) to remove bad substances from something to make it clean:

clean the verb [ T ] US / pjʊr · əˌfɑɪ / cleanify verb [ T ] (NOT DO
MIXED) to remove dirty or harmful substances

Whose interpretation, RAW, contains more water? Or, to be more precise, would the spell "purify food and drink" eliminate physical dangers like bone chips from normal food?