dnd 5e – You want to build a 5e tank / leader type for an Eberron game

I want to build a character who can fill up and act as an equivalent to a 4th edition leader and allow other party members – ideally with reasonable damage (according to the philosophy that a tank that can't hurt anything is simply ignored).

RP concept: Warforged as a war leader / enabler (leads from the front)


  1. Tankiness

    • At least AC, saving would be nice, but secondary.

    • Currently on Heavy Armor + Warforged + Pal Defensive Style + Shield + sign spell as needed

  2. Polishing / activating / skills

    • The goal is to promote the success of a party

    • Current thinking is mainly based on bard skills

    • Aura of protection would be astonishing, but worried that this will delay the bard items too much

  3. Serious damage

    • I feel like a blow from the Paladin + GFB / BB from Hexblade + Bard spells covers this

    • Sorcerer has better attack / defense spells than Bard, but little additional support mechanics.

I love the basic idea of ​​the Sorcadin and find that it has a superior spell selection, but I'm wondering whether Palabard's class skills might not fit better with what I'm looking for.

What I'm thinking right now is something like that –
Warforged Pal2 / Hex1 / BardX – swords or bravery for the extra attack that tends to be brave just because the inspiration is more party-friendly.

To care:

  • Are bard spell slots / skills better to activate than to level up
    how about paladin

  • I'm not much worried about Sorcerer's lack of Metamagic, but I am
    The magic list is better than the bard fans?

  • Is there a better strategy to get the 3 points I'm missing?

Did someone play or kick around a similar build? Is there an optimal way to build this type of character?