dns – Access local network via Socks5 /reroute?

I have a Socks5 Server (Danted) running at home on Ubuntu server 20.04, which I tunnel in via ssh.

Is it possible somehow to access the local network via the Socks5 service?

Can I somehow rewrite the final destination?

if I edit the HOSTS file on the socks server, shouldn’t it be obeyd?, because that is totally ignored.

I’ve read somewhere that some clients support dns thru socks, but unfortunately, mine doesn’t. (can’t change)

So the main question, can I instruct Danted or the iptables to intercept certain address?

Now to the “other” option, or what I call inception from router, this is more an observation I’ve done, if anybody knows that it works like this, and the data never leaves my home, please give a holler..

This is highly strange (for me), but an possible (possible?) solutions, is my main router, running openwrt 21, because I’ve found out this during my testing

if I for example connect to my other ssh server (via the real domain name, that’s of course being routed thru the Socks5), the server says I’m calling from, which is the main router, not from where the socks are placed.

It’s not mention my external ip, where I’m calling from, so I’m guessing the router says “hey, that destination is on my network – routing it back..”

So.. it might be possible to intercept address here, but my main goal is the first solution.