Do these new "featured content" influence your Internet traffic?

Do these new "featured content" also meet your web rankings?

It seems Google is indexing our websites,
Scrapping our content
and on your own website.

Complete answers to various questions are posted there …
If people get answers right on Google's website, who would come to our website?

We are the ones who created this content, pay for servers and other services,
and his google getting traffic …

Yesterday I searched for color codes,
and a whole list of colors was directly available on the Google search result itself.
they scrapped from another website …
I did not even want to look at the website where the current list was …
Why should I? I received the answer on the website of Google itself …
Why are others interested in our websites?

Is not this a "copyright infringement"?

I think Google bot completely blocked from my website. But am really confused at this point. Suggestions are welcome. It is the stock market website in my signature. Google Traffic has made good money, but since I installed SSL (2 months ago), my ranking has dropped, but I do not think that's the only reason for lower revenues. I think that this is "highlighted content" across all search results, which is simply "scratched" by our websites … People get answers directly to Google itself. Why do they click a link and come to our website?