Do you accept the theory of evolution?

No, that's why it's called a theory.

Although the evolutionist claims to have found the missing link, there are errors in his conclusions
If there was one primitive man who was half a monkey, hundreds or thousands of skeletal and skeletal remains were to be found around the world, showing that this race existed by humans

Remember, it took thousands of years to evolve from half ape to apes. So where is all the evidence that is claimed to show only a few fossils of deformed humans?
That makes no sense

Creationists believe that humanity was created in seven literal days that the Bible does not teach at all

Since the Bible is not a science book, the meticulous structure of each aspect of creation is not discussed. It gives a general idea of ​​how life was created
and looking at Genesis from that point of view, each epoch could spend hundreds of millions of years and still be considered a day for me. Until the creation of man

I hope it helps