Do You Sell VPS at Scale? Will Match Your Current Platform Pricing (if they can!)

If you sell cloud hosting with any platform that isn’t based on OnApp, and you’re paying your current platform provider more than $500/month… is offering to match your current pricing if you switch to their service.

As you may have heard, is a new “SaaS cloud platform” from OnApp. OnApp’s cloud platform is used by many well-known hosting companies as well as larger MSPs and Telcos. is a new service aimed at VPS hosting providers, and it is a very different approach: starting at $50/month you can use the OnApp control panel and KVM stack to sell cloud using your own servers – or, you can use OnApp’s compute marketplace, and sell cloud without having to buy or manage any infrastructure at all. There’s a 1 week free trial too!’s “match it” offer, starting at $500/m, is aimed at the larger VPS hosts – but if you’re looking for a new platform, and like the sound of running on the well-known OnApp codebase, all they’re asking you to do in the first place, is to get in touch!

You can do that at – you’ll find more information about the deal there, too.


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