Do you use push notifications to improve your conversions?

Hey guys, I am new to the forum but I love all the information that is shared here!

I have a site where I sell my courses for Freelancer work and I am implementing a new Push Notifications tool that has increased my usual conversion%. I know there are some tools on the market but I have found that this one has some good options to develop and that it could work for you and so I want to share a little information about it.

One of the features that I like the most is that you can customize and segment notifications and this is great for Clickbank or Jvzoo offers where we know that images and designs are very important when selling! To segment notifications, users when entering your website are shown a notice where they are asked to select the topic they like the most or the topics where they are most interested, this is great. In addition to this, you can automate the entire process and make integrations with multiple payment platforms, ecommerce, blog, wordpress, etc …

I definitely recommend you give it a try, the platform is called Indigitall

I hope that my first post is very useful for you, if you have things to recommend I would love to see your comments! :cool: