documentation – What are some creative ways to ‘document’ UI error messages that are manageable and maintainable for developer handover?


I am a designer working for a large organisation that has thousands of system error codes that are associated with system default error messages.

Sometimes these system default error messages do not fit the UI context in which is used, so we have to adjust these messages with something custom to fit its page context per project.

Approach taken

The approach taken for this was to work with a Business Analyst (BA) to populate an excel spreadsheet with

  • thousands of error codes with default messages and
  • custom messages per the context of usage and
  • URL links to designs that contain placeholder text.


The challenge is retaining the consistency of error message usage, document maintainability and developer handover.

The way error messages are being documented is the best we have come up with at the moment and wonder if other UX designers have found a better approach to documenting complex error messages for developer handover.

Are there any creative ways or tooling to handle something like this?