Does Bisq have built-in wallet support for anything other than Bitcoin and BSQ?

I’ve long wondered about this but been unable to find any answers.

In theory, one could use Bisq and not even have Bitcoin Core, or at least I believe such is the case. You could use it as your sole Bitcoin wallet, with local private keys and all. (But in practice, I don’t trust it as much as I trust Bitcoin Core, so I transfer it out to my Bitcoin Core wallet.)

It also supports its own cryptocurrency, called “BSQ”. That much I know for a fact, and it makes sense.

But what about all the other garbagecoins that it supports for trading? Does it actually allow you to hold those inside Bisq, with no extra software having to be installed? For example, if I buy an Ethereum (not that I would), can Bisq hold that or would it require me to have a separate “Ethereum wallet” installed to transfer to?

Are Bitcoin and BSQ just “special cases”, or are any crypto currency that Bisq supports for trading actually supported within Bisq itself to hold and manage?