Does Guttenberg Plug in Blog block work like a contextual link

I’ve been working on a site for gardening, power tools, and growing and have created plenty of reasonable articles with links between one gardening subject to another by adding a link with post titles into the body copy itself. For example:
‘Best Pole Saw’ product review article would contain a link in the copy to ‘Best lawnmower’ review. I understand the benefit of this for growing DA.

On my home page and category pages, however, which is a general gardening topic, I only use Gutenberg blog blocks connecting to other gardening-related categories for example The Yard and Garden.

I’m am trying to work out if these are good internal links or are they not recognized as a link by google? I’m trying to grow my link profile and have a good site structure but I am not sure if I am heading in the right direction with this approach.

Any advice welcome