Does this ARM assembly code to convert a decimal into binary follow “good practice”?

I’m “playing” with ARM assembly on a Raspberry Pi, reading various tutorials and posts to help – no, it’s not a college assignment, I’m too old for college! I’m pleased with getting the following code to take a decimal value (between 0 and 255) and output the binary string equivalent to the screen using scanf and printf but curious to know though whether those more experienced would consider this a “naive” solution? Are there any “gotchas”? Any better ways of tackling the problem?

I reckon there should be a better way of declaring the string to hold the output and how the string is built from the LSB (using R9)

/* dectobin2.s                                                  */
/* ------------------------------------------------------------ */
/* Converts a decimal number to binary and outputs to screen    */
/* ============================================================ */

.balign 4
value:      .word   0   
binStr:     .asciz  "00000000"
output:     .asciz  "%d in binary is %sn"
title:      .asciz  "DECIMAL TO BINARY CONVERTERnn"
lr_temp:    .word   0
lr_local:   .word   0
prompt:     .asciz  "Enter a positive value (0-255) > "
pattern:    .asciz  "%d"

@ function to convert given value into a binary string
    @ save the link register
    ldr     r2, =lr_local
    str     lr, (r2)
    @ set data values
    mov     r4, r0              @ value in r4 for processing
    mov     r9, #7              @ LSB position in output string
    @ repeated division by 2 2
    movs    r4, r4, lsr #1      @ divide by 2, set carry
    bcs     _odd                @ if carry set, remainder is 1
    mov     r5, #0              @ remainder of 0
    b       _toString
    mov     r5, #1              @ remainder of 1
    add     r5, #48             @ convert remainder to ASCII
    ldr     r1, =binStr         @ address of binary string
    strb    r5, (r1, r9)        @ store remainder in string at pos in r9
    sub     r9, r9, #1          @ move to next position in output string
    cmp     r4, #0              @ reached zero?
    ble     _endloop
    b       _loop

    @ restore the link register
    ldr     lr, =lr_local
    ldr     lr, (lr)
    bx      lr

.global main

    @ store the link register
    ldr     r1, =lr_temp
    str     lr, (r1)
    @ print a title
    ldr     r0, =title          
    bl      printf
    @ get the value to convert
    ldr     r0, =prompt         @ prep the arguments for scanf
    bl      printf
    ldr     r0, =pattern
    ldr     r1, =value
    bl      scanf

    @ check for valid input (0-255)
    ldr     r0, =value
    ldr     r0, (r0)
    cmp     r0, #255            @ must be <= 255
    bgt     _getValue
    cmp     r0, #0              @ must be >= 0
    blt     _getValue
    @ call the function, value is in R0
    bl      decToBin
    @ display output
    ldr     r0, =output         @ get address of output string
    ldr     r1, =value          @ get the original value
    ldr     r1, (r1)            @ for first parameter
    ldr     r2, =binStr         @ get the binary string
    bl      printf              @ print the result

    @ restore the link register and exit
    ldr     lr, =lr_temp
    ldr     lr, (lr)
    bx      lr

.global printf      
.global scanf