domain name system – BIND DA/PLESK/ISPconfig -> BIND master (hidden) -> BIND x2 slave

I have a problem with the BIND cache DNS zone transfer, or I’m doing something wrong.

ns0 (hidden master where all DNS zones is stored)
ns1 (slave where all DNS zones notifies from master)
ns2 (slave where all DNS zones notifies from master)
DA1 (DirectAdmin acts as master for DNS management)
PLESK1 (Plesk acts as master for DNS management)

What have I done:

Used default documentation for setting servers NS1,NS2 with BIND slave and on hidden master call it NS0 configured it as MASTER.

What is working:

  • Manually created BIND DNS zone and it transfers to both slaves and works as needed.
  • Transfered BIND DNS zones of DirectAdmin and Plesk hosting panels and it showing on
    Master NS0 (hidden master) in /var/cached/bind directory.

What is not working, or what I need to do:

Problem is that DNS zones which transfered from PLESK and DIRECTADMIN to Master NS0 (hidden master) doesn’t show on both slaves and when trying to notify from master NS0 in progress I get error on slave that:

received notify for zone '': not authoritative

Any help would be really appreciated and can someone explain more if I really need to use hidden master as one more VPS? Or I can use it on first NS1 but there is not much info about it. Thanks!