dos – How to use Turkish characters in .bat file while indicating path?

I just want to create basic code to open multiple files with one click. Problematic part is here

Start "" "D:Dersler1 (Birleştirilmiş Klip).mp4"

My filenames usually contains Turkish special characters such as ç ö ş ğ ü ı Ç Ö Ş Ğ Ü I. So, whenever I open my .bat file, it cannot find the path for the file.

I tried to add chcp 65001 or chcp 857 in the beginning of my code, didn’t work.

First time I create this code, I write it on wordpad.exe and saved as Text document MS-DOS. I also changed .txt to .bat. It somehow converted my Turkish characters to ‡ or symbols like that. However, when I tried this again, it did not convert. So, this method didn’t work too.

What is the very basic solution for my problem?