Download – iPhone 7 disabled – Not recognized on any Mac / PC

I bought a used iPhone 7 two weeks ago and later figured out that the proximity sensor did not work. While he was in my bag, he apparently tried too many codes and is now disabled.

Now when I tried to connect the iPhone to my 2012 MacBook Pro, I realized I could not connect (a look at the system information confirms that no device is plugged in). Charging via an alternating current, however, works. Strangely, when I connect the iPhone to my Mac, there is a slight vibration on the phone, but it does not charge.

So far, I have tried two MacBooks and several cables, my MacBook updated to MacOS Mojave, the iPhone forcibly reset and used in DFU, nothing works. Two weeks ago I was able to make a backup on iTunes, so everything worked perfectly. I'm starting to get a bit desperate, does anyone have an idea?

My search on the Internet has so far brought nothing.