[Download] Seller Lead Hacks by Danny Johnson

[Download] Seller Lead Hacks by Danny Johnson
"Would you like to generate motivated sales leads online?"
Danny, the founder of Lead Propeller and the "Flipping Junkie Podcast," selects only 25 investors who want to attend the first training group for this course because he wants real estate investors who have proven to be doers. The purpose of this beta group is to get results for every single person in the group.
Danny wants the success of this group to be the source of case studies and testimonials for training. If you are ready to commit and follow the instructions given in this training session, please contact us. If you're more into training but do nothing, you've saved your money.

What you will learn in this 6 week training:
Week 1: Choose your website for maximum conversion
What you can expect from this training. A detailed explanation of the right website setup to convert as much traffic as possible into leads!

Week 2: Dominate your local market online
So you completely dominate your local market online, so you get the lion's share of the motivated sales leads.

Week 3: Free traffic
FREE hacks to bring motivated sellers quickly and consistently to your website.

Week 4: Pay Per Click
How can you use paid traffic to instantly boost your lead generation?

Week 5: Retargeting
Significantly improve your conversion rates by redirecting traffic to your website when visiting other popular sites.

Week 6: Long term SEO
Discover the exact strategy that can be used to rank your website for the long haul, so you can generate very cheap leads by leading the search results for the very best keywords.