Dumping and Comparing JavaScript Objects in Chrome Devtools

I’m trying to accomplish what I thought would be a simple thing. I receive two mouse events and I want to dump (deep) each event object to a human readable format so I can compare them (end goal is to see if a user clicked on selected text or not).

I’ve tried every which way with devtools snapshots, copy objects, JSON_* objects, etc. and nothing seems to work. At best, the dump only shows an IsTrusted property. While browsing the objects in devtools itself, the objects are fully expandable, though I can’t find a way to compare two side-by-side so I’m attempting to “export” them for manual comparison.

I understand that these are event objects and lot of their parts aren’t available until called for, but isn’t there a way to “materialize” the object so it can be dumped/etc?

Thank you,