dungeon world – How am I supposed to handle disruption in a Perilous Journey?

Undertake a Perilous Journey is perhaps my least favourite basic move.

The intention seems to be to abstract the specifics of a perilous journey, which is useful. My issue comes with the fact that a perilous journey seems to always require lowering the level of abstraction to deal with peril, and the move sort of breaks down leaving me unsure of what to do.

My agenda and the very text of the move itself encourage me to add some adventure into the mix: Goblin’s attack, you find a cool cave etc. So I end up with stoppages to deal with all the cool stuff. This is fine but when the encounter is handled the party usually wants to resume their journey. I am never sure if I should just complete the journey based on the stale roll from earlier or if they trigger the move again. I’ve played with both, but neither really seems to “work” for me.

This is particularly an issue because my party loves to start journeys with little or, more often, no food. So running out of food and foraging every day is not uncommon for our journeys. This creates lots of stoppages and exacerbates the issues with the move. The stoppages are fun, collecting food and exploring places isn’t a chore, especially in the perilous wilds. Its the weirdness with the journey move that gets in our way. Either you are rolling for each leg of the journey, or you end up with a really outdated roll hanging over the party for a long time.

How should this move be done? How is it supposed to interact with stoppages?