Dungeon World – How can I promote my abilities with other players / characters?

Ranger has an advanced move "A Safe Place". The trigger is & # 39; when you set the night & # 39 ;.

Most other players have much more experience with fantasy setting routines (setting clocks, marching orders, etc.), and I expect them to simply slip into it without questioning anyone (the party leader is likely to perform duties).

So I stop and say, "Um, I can set the clock well, can I do that?" or a more heroic way of saying.

If they are executed within the character, they can be moved or not.

Do I just have to do OOC that I do indeed have an advantage?

Or is this perhaps part of the collaborative table discussion, so you already know this when sitting at the table?

Perhaps I could point out to one of my bonds that I already know that they have seen me so well that it does not look like I'm begging (either as a player or as a character).

Or do I think about it?