Duplicate Query rest end points in microservices – CQRS

I am a newbie to microservice. Currently I’m learning microservices by creating 2 microservices with CQRS pattern, with NO event sourcing, but each service has separate DB. Each service has separate end points for Command and Query. There is no separate Read store and write store.
The services communicate with each other via restend points.

From UI point of view, a Query restend point typically expects Paginated data. However when one service queries other service, the expected data need not be paginated. It just needs the data to continue the business logic (say to verify if an entity exists).

Is it ok to have two rest end points which pretty much does the same thing but the output format is different and purpose is different.

PS: This question is specific to the above implementation only (CQRS with no event sourcing and communication via restend points).