E-commerce Brand doing $6383 per month in PROFIT!

E-commerce Brand doing $6383 per month in PROFIT!

This is a branded, eCommerce high demand New Robotics Niche dropship website business making $6,383.11 in profit per month! www.therobotmall.com is capable of Reaching 6 figure earnings soon!

Welcome to this Premium listing ! I’m listing one of my high demand dropship website businesses for you! This website business is turnkey and earning big numbers for such a new niche website and with holidays around the corner this site can only go up from here. I’m going to offer a full support for 30 days so you can succeed in this business. Feel free to ask any questions about this business , And check out all attachments below for proof of this business. Good luck to all!

What is www.therobotmall.com

This is a branded, eCommerce business doing around 3k/Month profit with huge potential. The store projected to hit the 6-7 figure/month mark going into the next few months if marketing is properly implemented.(Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas , etc.

At the time of writing this (Sep, 10th) the lifetime stats of the store are at $20,119.29 in revenue and $10,059.14 in profit . The business was started in 19 july and is about 2 month old. About 85% of this store’s revenue has come from simple Facebook/Instagram/youtube ads and the other 15% from email marketing. The new buyer will be able to immediately increase sales by using Google and Bing ads.

Cost of Product with shipping and custom packaging included: We add 50 % to the prodcut value + shipping , so if the product price is 150$ with shipping we add 50 % which is our profit so the price : 225$ so our profir is 75 $ . The new owner have the choice to increase the price as he like , all the products is provided from our supplier in china.


TheRobotMall Co. is an online E-commerce business selling into one of the most profitable niches (Robotics) with a product that has the largest potential . After only 50 days of running it has generated $20k+ in sales. With minimal marketing effort the store looks to be steadily.

Whats Included (Quick Glance) :

· You will receive full transfer for the entire ownership of TheRobotMall Co. and everything attached.

· Transfer of domain.

· TheRobotMall Co. Email List with 6k followers

· A+ Supplier with 7 day shipping to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe

· Transfer of all the files of the website ( the website bulit in wordpress)

· Full ownership of Domain

· Customer email list (6,483 subscribers)

· info@ Email for the support

· Customer databases

· Marketing materials

· Supplier connections and contact

· Easing period of 30 days where we help you with anything needed to confidently take full control of the business.

· Branded, eye-catching logo

· Integrations with PayPal

· Optimized for SEO and easily customizable in regards to keywords

· You can add coupons and discount codes

· Full HTML and CSS Editing abilities

· Integrations with live chats

· Create your own store Gift Cards

· Advanced Reporting

· Analytics reporting

+ anything else you will need :)Personal support after the transaction: 30 days of text or phone call support (with very fast response times) in which I will reveal my exact Facebook and google advertising strategy. If you make this purchase I will give you all the crucial details to continue running and scaling this store!

Describe your purchasing and order fulfilment process

This business has a solid A+ supplier that has been smoothly working with us for over 2 years on other stores.This business has 7 day shipping to USA, Australia and Canada. The fulfilment process with our supplier is perfectly seamless and only takes seconds. Send the order to the supplier once at end of the day . They will simply send you an invoice that you pay and then everything is shipped out to your customer.

Are there any specific skills or knowledge that the new owner should have?In order to manage and grow this store, you need someone with a basic understanding of Facebook ads. (If you don’t you can hire Facebook experts who make these results possible and run your ads for as little as $300/Month) Some sales also come from google so it would be good to have some experience with google ads as well but this is not as important because they are more simple to learn and again you can hire someone for very inexpensive to run them for you :)

What’s involved in running this business:It takes me about 2-5 hours per week to manage this business. Managing Facebook and google ads, responding to customer emails (You can hire a VA to do this starting at $4 an hour), fulfilling orders, looking for new creatives, and testing different marketing angles and campaigns to keep your revenue growing!

Why you need to start an online business:

They say that the average millionaire has over 7 streams of income. This Business is perfect way to start a new stream of income and make some extra money every month. If you’re looking for a full time income stream or a side hustle this brand and business has the potential to become that. All depending on the efforts and how much time you put in. In terms of running the store at the current rate no more than 1hr a day is needed to do all the tasks. You have the potential to easily make an extra $5,000 a month which could help with your car payments, mortgage or money to be stacked up in your bank!There has been many man hours put into the websites design and testing. Building ads to run on Facebook. This is the hardest part of starting a company and we have done it all for you! It just needs a new owner to take the rains. This store leaves lots of room for a new owner that is willing to dive into this business and really optimize and grow to some very large numbers. In just over 2 months we have done around 23k in sales. Which proves that the product has a market. Using strictly Facebook and Instagram we where able to scale this stores sales to $500/day consistently, our best day being just over $800/day.

How does your business make money?

Revenue is generated from selling our product without any inventory.As this is a drop-shipping store, you will make money from orders that you will get on the site. There is no limitation of how much money you can make on this site. Even if you get 100 to 500 monthly orders, you could make 4000 too 20k per month in revenue. And up to 50% from that could be profit depending on the ads strategies implemented.

Why should someone buy this business?

Very little time and experience needed. We have done minimal advertising for this company using solely Facebook and Instagram and already doing 6k+/month! Forget about expensive inventories and risks. Forget about the need for packing and shipping. TheRobotmall is a fully automated drop-shipping business. The product will be shipped directly to your customers everywhere in the WORLD. Payments are captured automatically and sent to your PayPal or bank account , you will enjoy its incredible features including HTTPS secure protocol for the safest transaction and better SEO ranking!

Business Strengths

· Brand awareness

· Custom user generated content for marketing

· Unique product with huge potential

· Evergreen Product and Niche

· Highly passionate and profitable niche

· Not saturated

· High levels of Automation

· High Profit Margins

· Gets sales organically with no ad spend

Opportunities for a new owner

· The sky is the limit, the new owner can keep it as is and just keep a passive income stream or put more time into marketing campaigns and advertising and scale this business to 6 figures a month easy!

· Start Selling into New Markets

· Expand marketing to other platforms

· Improve Current Marketing Efforts

· Get more brand ambassadors

· Create powerful email campaigns

· Grow social media presence

· Increase SEO

· Start affiliate marketing