Easy way to earn 2-5$ passive income daily – Other Money Making Opportunities

There is a site that allows you to earn on views
shortened links.
I made nearly 5$ for 2-3 hours spamming youtube videos. 
What do we have to do:
1. Go to this site -  Referal linkĀ  Not referal (site is on russian language. So turning on google trans.)
2. Click on the "short my link" button in the control panel.
3. We shorten any link (it is desirable that the link was with
suitable topic for your traffic)
4. We send our link wherever we can, here are just a few
ways to distribute links:
-Spam on social networks (VK, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram etc.)
-YouTube video (comment spam or upload your own video)
-Posting on your website / blog (if u have it)
-Spam link on forums
-Send links to friends
-Post unique articles and shorten links to them

Minimal payments