eCommerce and fulfillment for $6-$10 products?


We are getting ready to launch a product that eventually will be in retail but trying to see if we can cost-effectively sell directly to consumers. Our product is paper-based and should be priced to the consumer between $6 to $10 depending on the configuration.

We tried pricing this out leveraging Amazon as the store and fulfillment and just can’t make the numbers work in addition to be confused about their inventory costs etc.

Can anyone steer us toward vendor(s) to work with on the estore and fufillment side? We have a prototype store built on GoDaddy but not sure if they interface with the fulfillment options we want to consider.

We aren’t sure marketplace stories like Amazon ort Etsy will be worth the extra costs as we believe we are going to need to be doing all the demand generation and our product is a new category.