Editor – Add text to a hierarchy of elements

Given a predefined hierarchy of foods, a user can view a particular food item on the Internet Back-End can add / edit text associated with that particular food, its parent, and grandparent. The text for each level is optional and can be left blank.

For example, if you're displaying "Beef Wellington," you can add "Common for Weddings." to the specific food "It's something for dinner." to the parents (beef) and "has a high protein content." to the grandparents (meat). The text in parenthesis shows the example text you entered.

  1. Meat (has a high protein content.)
    1. Beef (it's something for dinner.)
      1. Beef Wellington (generally for weddings.)
      2. Beef stroganoff (ideal for a cold day.)
    2. Chicken (very versatile.)
      1. Chicken Cordon Bleu (nice and cheesy.)
      2. Chicken Marsala (great with mushrooms.)
  2. Vegetables (low in fat)
    1. Broccoli (zero)
      1. Steamed broccoli (yummy!)
  3. Cereals (good carbohydrates)
    1. Rice (a cheap cereal.)
      1. Fried rice (zero)

Now if another user displays "Beef Wellington" on the screen Front end, would you see (can not edit):

  • Has a high protein content.
  • It's something for dinner.
  • Frequently at weddings.

And if this user "Beef Stroganoff" on the Front endwould you see:

  • Has a high protein content.
  • It's something for dinner.
  • Great for a cold day.

How should that be? Back-End Users be able to add and edit text for the particular food, its parent, and grandparent while a particular food is displayed?

TO EDIT. I do not necessarily like this approach, but this is an idea that can better convey what I'm trying to do.

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