electronic voting – How can a “cosmic radiation bitflip” possibly change the election results?

I started watching this ridiculous video before I had to quit it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaZ_RSt0KP8

It talks about how the election of some country got messed up due to a “bitflip”, which gave one person 4096 votes due to “cosmic rays” messing with the computer, “changing one bit”.


Surely, a government doesn’t implement a digital voting mechanism as a single database table where they do:

UPDATE votes SET count = count + 1 WHERE person = $1

?? That’s something that a single 16-year-old amateur programmer would do in the year 2002 for his Counter-Strike statz website. Not a professional working for a government for an election. Surely they would do it like:

INSERT INTO votes (person, voter) VALUES ($1, $2);

And recording the timestamp as its own “row”, so that any “bitflips” could not possibly change the vote results besides possibly one extra/too few votes by having the query/transaction failing.

What am I missing?