EmailJS, success/error – handlers, how to empty fields?

I have implemented EmailJS for a contact form. I also use vue.js, but my questions is more directly JS related (not vue specific and/or EmailJS specific)

I send an Email with the EmailJS function send. Everything works fine. (EmailJS works fine, vue works fine no problems here!!) I use a promise fo the http request.

I have a little problem here. I can empty the fields with at the end of the promise. Right now I have the reset outside the handlers. So the data is sent -> the fieds are emptied, the messages comes back, now the fields are filled again!!

I guess I should bring somehow into the .then or .catch block?
How could I handle this, that the fields stay empty?

 methods: {       
          sendEmail(e) {

            const emailParams = {
              uname: this.uname,
              message: this.message


            emailjs.send('service_1234','template_1234', emailParams, 'user_1234')
            .then((result) => {

                this.successHttpMsg = true;
                console.log('SUCCESS!', result.status,result);
        }).catch((e) => {
             this.error = e; 
             this.errorHttpMsg = true;         

Code (JavaScript):

Thanks a lot guys!