embed for a ping command on discord.js

i’m trying to make a nice looking ping command,and the message with the ping being an embed,just like here: https://imgur.com/a/CZnEywA .but not edited,and sent as a separate message after the ‘The Ping-inator!**nPinging…’ .i’ve tried countless times,but have not succeed,and tutorials don’t help.here’s my code :

  name: "ping",
  description: "shows the bot/'s ping",
  execute(message, args, embed) {
    message.channel.send("**The Ping-inator!**nPinging...").then((msg)=>{
      var ping = msg.createdTimestamp - message.createdTimestamp;
      msg.edit("**The Ping-inator!**nPong! bot's ping is `" + ping + "ms`.");