Embedding google sheet into tasklist/spreadsheet like software

Here is my problem. I am working with music data and maintain a list of albums in “Abstractspoon ToDoList”. Consider it as a plain todo list with hierarchy/tree structure support. Screenshot:

Also i have a google sheet where i paste a track list from the album and then run a custom google apps script (also made in google sheets, as addon) which does for me some web scraping for this tracks. Sheet has some custom color formatting which helps me quickly detect some inconsistencies in data. Screenshot:

So far i just download sheets as excel files and store them with the same names as the titles in tasklist, but this is not very comfortable + after conversion to excel the sheet loses some custom color formatting (coz of certain function doesnt have an excel analogue as i suppose).

But now i am seeking some other software or online solution which could provide me better integration. I suppose it could be something like Airtables or JotForms – you maintain a tasklist in the plain spreadsheet/database table and one of of your columns contains a link to your google sheet, which you make available as “embedded” through a function “publish to web”. Bulding then a form upon this table/spreadshhet you can work with data in the table while having embedded google sheet displayed “at hands”. Or may be you could create a “+” button near every title in the list and pressing this button you could display google sheet as a dropdown list.

Hope i described my situation clearly. A key moment here is probably to save color formatting in google sheets to quickly notice an errors. Since my sheets always have the same structure i suppose it could be a full-scale database solution, but regretfully it would be too “heavy” for me + i suppose no color formatting unless you are writing an external application for this database.