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1. Proxmox VPS For Blesta – Project Results

Much as we are deeply appreciative of your active participation in our first-ever Kickstarter initiative, the community interest sadly didn’t translate to pledges big enough to cover the designated project’s costs. What exactly does it mean for our commercial Blesta offer?

Please allow us some time to reflect on this experience so as to decide on further actions. In the meantime, you are welcome to take full advantage of our custom software development services in order to have any sort of Blesta module built individually according to all specific requirements of your business.

Explore what we offer in full detail!

2. Multibrand For WHMCS v2.9.0

All tech-savvy researchers agree that the application of professional text message grows fast, and is only expected to continue growing through the rest of 2021. That makes perfect sense considering how relatively cheap SMS marketing is, or how it boasts almost unlimited reach, and much better open and response rates than email.

However, if you run multiple brands at once, odds are that you may find juggling hundreds of text messages on a daily basis to be rather laborious, to say the least. We wouldn’t blame you if you feel that way – that is, of course, only until you meet our game-changing Multibrand For WHMCS 2.9.0!

We have armed this legendary solution with flawless compatibility with another much-liked module: SMS Center For WHMCS. This innovative integration makes it not only possible, but also extremely easy to reach out to your clients via branded text messages, whether you want to send them singly or in bulk.

As you can see, no reason left for you to be afraid to tap the mighty potential of SMS marketing. So what are you waiting for?

Go the SMS way with Multibrand For WHMCS!

3. EasyDCIM v1.8.0

Whether you are years deep into managing your data center, or just dipping your toes into the water, the all-new 1.8.0 version of EasyDCIM is sure to strike you with wonder. This brand-new update draws from the modern potential of data visualization, channelling all its advantages into two totally new sections of the platform:

  • “Locations” – giving you better control over the locations by means of the world map, coupled with elegantly shaped statistics and graphs on traffic and power consumption.
  • “Floors & Racks” – introducing the building’s 2D view with a grid of each floor for the smartest management of floors and racks possible.

An extra supplement to this graphically enhanced release comes in the form of two additional system templates – each assisting you with the automated installation of an operating system that will do a grand job in replacing CentOS Linux. The talk is about: Rocky Linux 8 and Oracle Linux 8!

The full list of changes goes on an on – would you like to snatch a glimpse at the rest now?

Set the tone for a tasteful admin experience with EasyDCIM v1.8.0!

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