encryption – How to identify this hashed text and if it encrypted using a key?

For the second one, I think you mean 152 characters, not 152 bytes. The character set looks like base64, and the equals symbols at the end are another tell-tale sign that this is probably base64, as equals symbols are often used for padding in base64.

In base64, each set of 4 characters represents 3 bytes. You have 150 characters of actual information (again, the last two equals symbols are padding). This equates to 112.5 bytes of data ( (150/4) * 3). That equates to 900 bits of data (8*112.5).

That’s most likely not a hash, as no standard hashing algorithm produces a 900-bit result. It’s most likely not the result of AES encryption either, as AES produces blocks of 128 bits, and 900 is not a multiple of 128.