Encryption – Protect a file with a password that is transparently integrated with the Windows interface

I know there are several solutions for:

  • Encrypt a file: Zipping / RARing / 7zip-ing with password Every time we save, unpack / unpack / unpack and enter a password every time we open the file

  • Encrypt partition: Bitlocker (which I already use), VeraCrypt / Truecrypt

Here I am looking for something else: Imagine, you have one personalnotes.txt File.

I want that every time I double-click on it (ie. It opens with my favorite text editor like Notepad ++ or Sublime) first prompts for a password and then opens the text editor.
And every time I want to save (CTRL + S in the text editor), it is saved without a query (with or without question, I do not mind).

I'm looking for something totally integrated transparently in Windows 7, d. H. I do not want to run a batch file each time I read / write the file. Also, I do not want to start a plugin in the text editor each time I open the file.

Is there a file encryption solution that can be transparently integrated into the Windows 7 / file system (without having to run a third-party tool automatically)?

Note: I've already tried EFS encryption, but if I want the file to be unavailable after a reboot, I would need to remove / re-enable the keys / certificates each time, so EFS is not an option. (too heavy to remove the certificates each time I want to close the file).