error handling – Php return stored porcedure

I’m novice in php and I now im reviewing code of my programmer

In thisl code in php but I don’t like the way of return. What do you think about it and how could to improve it ?

class person{
    private $conn;
    private $person;

    function __construct($conn, $args) {
        $this->conn = $conn;
        $this->person = $args(0);

    function execute() {
        $query = sprintf("CALL person_update('%s')", $this->person);
        call_procedure($this->conn, $query);
        return "Finish";  

I was testing : return call_procedure($this->conn, $query);but it’s a empty return.

I think that the return should be a TRUE if the call_procedure is success or maybe an “OK” no t only a “Finish”

Any idea , thanks in advance