ethereum – Best way of stacking ETH

I have just started investing in cryptos (BTC and ETH) and I think I’m for the long run (don’t plan to sell early). Thus, as I heard about ETH2.0 and staking ETH I rushed to see how I could form part of a validator pool and start staking my ETH.

Right now, I have invested a small quantity of ETH (just 10€) on Coinbase and I don’t know if Coinbase is the best alternative for me when it comes to staking ETH. I have several concerns about this platform. Firstly, they take a big fee (I think 25%). Secondly, I’m in the waitlist for coinbase earn so I don’t know for how long I would have to wait before actually being able to stake ETH.

For these reasons, I have been looking for alternatives. It seems most people agree that Rocket Pool is a very good option for those who don’t have 32ETH and simply want to use staking-as-a-service. However, they have not launched their main net yet so I have to wait too.

To sum up, here are my questions. Should I stake ETH on Coinbase or use another platform like Rocket Pool? In case I buy more ETH on Coinbase will I be able to transfer my ETH from Coinbase to the platform I have chosen for staking ETH?