Event 1006: SMBServer, The share denied access to the client

I have faced to Event:

The share denied access to the client.

Client Name:
Client Address:
User Name: SMBMMars
Session ID: 0x980038000045
Share Name: *in
Share Path: ??C:UsersjodatDesktopin
Status: {Access Denied}
A process has requested access to an object, but has not been granted those access rights. (0xC0000022)
Mapped Access: 0x12019F
Granted Access: 0x0
Security Descriptor: 0x010004803000000040000000000000001400000002001C000100000000001400A9001200010100000000000100000000010200000000000520000000200200000105000000000005150000009B167C7976F19F7654D2C58401020000

and the Question is:
Does it mean that user “SMBMMars” wants to access “C:UsersjodatDesktopin” by means of cline “”?