event observer – Not able to get parent_item_id for cart items retrieved from Order – Magento 2.3.5

I’m trying to get parent_item_id but it is returning null for all simple child products.

    $order = $observer->getEvent()->getOrder();
    $items = $order->getAllVisibleItems();
    foreach ($items as $item) {
            $itemsData() = (
                'name' => $item->getName(),
                'sku' => $item->getSku(),
                'quote_item_id' => $item->getQuoteItemId(),
                'parent_item_id' =>$item->getParentItemId(),
                'qty_ordered' => $item->getQtyOrdered(),
                'product_type' => $item->getProductType(),
                'weight' => $item->getWeight(),
                'price' => $item->getPrice()

I’m getting all item attributes in my $itemsData array except parent_item_id, though I’ve 4 children of a Bundle product and 1 child of a configurable product in Cart.

I’m doing it in sales_order_place_before observer. I tried getAllItems() and getItems() as well but no luck. Also confirmed from database, parent_item_id exists there for quote_item_id, but just not able to retrieve via getter method.