Exchange 2010 to 2016 (Multi Site)

My scenario:

Datacenter #1 – AD Site “A”

-4 ISP internet connections. (Outbound independently)
-2 DCs GC (FSMO) Internal DNS

-2 DNS Servers – External DNS hosted into a DMZ (SPF / MX / PTR records pointing to Site A

-1 Exchange 2010 SP3 UR30 with EDGE subscriptions.

-2 Exchange EDGE Servers in DMZ.

-500 users

DNS Namespace: Outbounded model

Mail services (DNS): /
MX´s: 2 | 2 (2 on 1 ISP and 2 on another ISP for redundancy)

Datacenter #2 – AD Site “B”

-2 ISP Internet connections (Outbound independently)

-2 DCs GC

-1 Exchange 2016 (Not yet installed)

-100 users

Connections: 1 VPN and 1 MPLS connecting Site A to Site B.

I need to install firts Exchange 2016 as part of an Exchange Upgrade, and i need to install it directly on Site B (Not the main Site A) because it has more hardware resources and more employee´s. Can i do it ?

Questions :

1 – Can I install Exchange 2016 directly in Site B without migrate any user mailbox and while Exchange 2010 SP3 still reside in a main site A, without changing, affecting or disrupting mail flow or needed to pointing the DNS records to Site B ? (ignoring the fact of the previous and immediate Schema/Ad/Domain updates from remote share in FSMO DC, and configuration of the SCP, the services and the SSL certificate)

2 – What´s happens to the actual mail flow, regarding on that exchange 2010 cannot do proxy up to exchange 2016 ?

I need to change all my internal and external DNS records (SPF / MX / ISP´s PTR records) to point to the second datacenter in Site B (Exchange 2016) for don’t break mail flow, even though no mailboxes have yet been migrated ?

3 – If I’m wrong, I need to firstly install Exchange 2016 directly in Site A where Exchange 2010 reside and change the firewall port rule to point to Exchange 2016 ?

4 – What about the 2 EDGE servers that already have a subscription to Exchange 2010 in Site A, if newly Exchange 2016 is in onther AD site (Another Datacenter??)

Can i remove the existing EDGE subscription to Exchange 2010 in Site A and recreae de EDGE 2010 subscrition to Exchange 2016 in remote Site B ?

Sorry If I’m wrong with all my questions, can u help me anyway for free with an orientation ?
Any additional comments about my inquiries or the steps necessary to not cause any interruption are welcome.