exchange rate – What have I missed?

Note: I asked this yesterday. When I woke up today, it was inexplicably deleted without a trace. Not closed. Gone. 404. Please do something about your rogue moderators or site bugs.

96 days ago, Bitcoin was at an All-Time High. It was starting to look like it was finally going to go to the Moon, to 100k and beyond, as had been so long awaited and predicted.

Then it crashed down 50% and has (more or less) stayed perfectly flat ever since.

Ninety-six days of horrible, unbearable torture.

YouTubers are worthless for any kind of information. Reddit as well. This Bitcoin category has few questions at all, and nothing about the price.

I don’t understand it. Somehow, it just died out, and I haven’t heard a peep about it ever since.

What major world event have I missed which could possibly have killed this revolution and ruined my chances of finally moving out after all these years of waiting and hoping?