exchange server – How to share single database across multiple VPS?

I am writing a web application that has a front-end and a back-end.

The back-end is the Admin Panel where users will be posting new products. Let’s call it: and it’s a VPS.

Now, I have another VPS that should be accessed as

For now, I am storing all the data inside a MySQL database in Since the front-end will have very large traffics, I have to separate these two servers. My question is, how do I access the data stored by server from server?

The solutions I’ve thought of are here:-

  1. Keep 2 Databases in 2 Servers. When a new product is published on, store it in that server as well as send it to too (using an API) to store. This way, the two servers are different and will not affect each other. But the problem is, we are duplicating data and there could be inconsistencies.
  2. Keep 1 common MySQL Server and access that from both the servers. This way, we have a single source of truth. But where should I keep that MySQL server? In VPS or VPS? Shouldn’t there be delays in accessing a MySQL server residing in a different VPS?

Any other solution is welcome. I just want to make sure that is very fast and scalable and traffics in this server doesn’t affect the back-end server (