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Your domain is only a few months old, I do not see reviews in the forum here.

If you have a money back guarantee, you can try them and see how they are doing. However, her site does not seem to be accessible at the moment and that's never a good sign.

Dear Victor

1 Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and no questions

2 Already in 2003 your website was only a few months old, that does not mean anything and no effort is needed to register a domain from 1990 with Paddy, to call yourself old … Just to clarify .. all, including you and we are new some time ago and after some time we become old 🙂

Given the downtime you mentioned, we had a maintenance that was updated to our customers one day in advance, and we also gave them alternative contact points

Our customer accounts are all on a different server and ready for use

And since we know nothing about internal things, it is not a good sign to make a judgment

in b / w i am not sure if you have reviewed your own reviews https://www.whtop.com/review/resellerspanel.com

3. When it comes to reviews that are not the only place for reviews .. and what's commonly known to webmasters and resellers and web hosting providers, our customers in this category can not be mentioned here

We've written reviews and feedback written on hostadvice and trustpilot, as well as on various places and on facebook

Nevertheless, thank you for your time