exposure – Does Manual iso = low noise?

I was taking some test shots today indoors (decent amount of light) set the iso manually to 800 looked through the viewfinder and I was at 1/20 (I was using Av mode) bumped the iso to like 1000 and my shutter speed was like 1/80 i took the shot and I had a decent picture.

Question is does manually setting the iso vs auto iso (with a minimum and maximum iso) produce low noise?

Example: if i manually set my iso in AV mode will i get low noise instead of auto iso with a capped iso will I also get low noise? or are they totally different?

I asked this question here

Using Auto ISO when shooting

Looked at the answers but they didn’t specifically ask or talk about settings the iso manually will lead to less noise or no noise at all

Answer that kinda talks about it


There is only one issue with auto ISO and people who don’t know how to use it. When setting the ISO manually you can limit the amount of noise in a photograph, but when your camera automatically sets the ISO, what it picks can be too high resulting in your camera producing more noise. To prevent that, cameras let you choose the maximum ISO it can automatically set.

So is setting the iso manually the way to less or no noise for photos?