Extra display in system preferences arrangement hidden

I recently purchased an ultra wide LG monitor, 49WL95C-WE. I plugged it into my MBP 16″ via USBC to display-port. My current macOS is Big Sur 11.2.3 and I see that there are 3 displays in the arrangement tab. Two of which I can select and see the red border (native display on laptop and the LG monitor) highlight the window and one that I cannot see.

I don’t know if by this display not showing up it is a product of the dual controller kvm switch of the monitor.

When I go to the Displays tab in the “About the Mac” I can see two different LG HDR DQHD Displays. I want it to go back to a single profile as currently windows get lost in the extra display and I can’t easily migrate the windows back to the actual display I have.enter image description here