fa.functional analysis – Reference request: sequential weak* topology on the space of signed Radon measures

Consider the space $mathcal{M}_{loc} (mathbb{R}^d)$ of locally finite signed Radon measures, equipped with the weak* topology in duality with $C_b (mathbb{R}^d)$. It is known that this is space is not metrizable, nor first countable (although I believe it is a Souslin space?).

On the other hand, in practice one often works not with the weak* topology directly, but with weak* convergence. So it would be interesting to look at the sequential weak* topology on $mathcal{M}_{loc} (mathbb{R}^d)$ (that is, a set is declared to be closed provided it is sequentially weak* closed).

My question is, is this topology something that has already been studied in the literature? The only thing I can find is this MO question from several months ago.